The principle difficulty lies, and the greatest care should be employed in constituting this Representative Assembly. It should be in miniature, an exact portrait of the people at large. It should think feel, reason, and act like them. That it may be the interest of this Assembly to do strict justice at all times, it should be an equal representation, or in other words equal interest among the people should have equal interest in it. Great care should be taken to effect this, and to prevent unfair, partial, and corrupt elections.

John Adams, Thoughts on Government, April, 1776

But now we see what happens when great care is taken to result in unfair elections, through gerrymandering. In Michigan over 300,000 more people voted for Democrats for the State House, but Republicans were in charge of redistricting, and still got a majority. Same thing in Washington D.C., where more people voted for Democratic representatives, but we still got a Republican majority. If you’ve heard about Republican plans to target states that went for Obama and get them to split up their electoral votes, you know they haven’t yet stopped trying to steal elections.

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